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This key was designed as a sealed unit. It can be dropped in water etc, and not go faulty. It’s rugged and the case is very high quality. We’ve never seen worn rubbers on Freelander Car Keys

Unfortunately, these keys have the reputation of being low quality, simply because the rechargeable battery fails.

Freelander Car Keys General Information

The block key is inserted into a reader in the dashboard. There’s no ignition lock, but instead a stop / start button.

Should the car battery go flat, or the rechargeable battery in the key fail, there’s a door lock on the passenger side, hidden behind a plastic cap. The car can be unlocked by using the emergency key blade.

Genuine keys cost £240 from the dealer, once programmed. We can offer much better deal for you using Aftermarket keys that are non original but work very well.

Repairing Freelander Car Keys

These can be repaired but the case must be changed and the internal battery needs resoldering on.
We offer Repair of your current Keys and Supply of a Spare are Very Good Deals.
Call us on 0330 2233446 for more Advice and Costs