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With standard headlights, when you travel around a corner in your car, your vehicle headlights continue to shine straight ahead, essentially illuminating more of the roadside, rather than the road ahead. AFS aims to address this issue by adapting the angle of the headlights in the direction that the driver intends on traveling. AFS can also increase the intensity of the headlights, allowing the driver to further extend visibility.

AFS works by utilising multiple sensors to determine the appropriate angle in which to direct the headlights. Sensors are used to:

  • Detect the speed of the car
  • How far the driver of the vehicle has turned the steering wheel

Once this data is calculated via the system control unit, from their default centre facing position, adaptive front headlights can direct light up to around 15 degrees left to right. This enables the adaptive headlights a total range of 30 degrees movement.

With the headlamps on, AFS will adjust the beams when cornering to provide improved illumination in the direction of travel.

When a direction indicator is activated at speeds up to 40km/h (25mph), an additional lamp set at 45o in the direction of turn is illuminated. This broadens the beam of the headlamps, improving visibility when turning.

If a system fault is detected the headlamps will attempt to move to the central position and then remain stationary. The AFS warning indicator will illuminate to indicate that a fault is present.